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May 11th, 2017

Ponds and lakes affect high-latitude carbon, water, and energy budgets, however, there is no good observationally-constrained characterization of waterbodies for high-latitude systems. The Permafrost Region Pond and Lake (PeRL) database addresses this problem. PeRL includes 69 maps covering a wide range of environmental conditions. 

April 3rd, 2017

The ability to map snow depth in high resolution and over a large areas permits for the first time a dataset that can be used to quantify the impact of heterogeneous snow distribution on hydrology and carbon exchange.

Progress and Accomplishments

Metadata and NGEE Arctic Search Tool Metrics

View metrics about the NGEE Arctic metadata records and data downloads

High Spatial Resolution Modeling of the Ground Temperature Dynamics in the Seward Peninsula

UAF researchers working on the NGEE Arctic project validated the GIPL model and simulated ground temperature dynamics for the entire Seward Peninsula according to the RCP4.5 climate scenario.

A Subgrid Approach for Modeling Microtopographic Effects on Overland Flow: Application to Polygonal Tundra

The effects of fine-scale topography can be represented in models with coarser spatial resolution through the use of a new subgrid model, thus enabling computationally demanding integrated surface/subsurface hydrology models to be used at field scales