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Science Highlights

Multiple models needed to capture true uncertainty of soil carbon fate in a changing world.

Plant stoichiometric flexibility controls the CO2 fertilization effect on ecosystem carbon accumulation.

Novel bromide tracer experiments are used to develop a model of subsurface flow and transport within ice-wedge polygons.

Artificial intelligence applied to multiple remote sensing datasets accurately represents shrub distribution across hillslopes at the Kougarok field site.

Progress and Accomplishments

Permafrost Thermal Conditions are Sensitive to Shifts in Snow Timing

Numerical experiment suggest that reliable projections of air temperature and total snowfall may not be sufficient to understand permafrost degradation.

Impact of Lateral Flow on the Water Status of Polygon Centers

Multi-year field observations improve process representation in polygon hydrology models.

Estimating Critical Permafrost Properties from Easily Observed Permafrost State Data

NGEE Arctic researchers use fusion of numerical models and data to estimate subsurface porosities of the polygonal tundra.

Arctic Sedge Play an Important Role in the Carbon Balance of Tundra Ecosystems

Research shows how individual species can disproportionately impact ecosystem carbon balance.

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