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Assessing impacts of plant stoichiometric traits on terrestrial ecosystem carbon accumulation using the E3SM land model, Zhu, Qing, Riley William J., Iversen Colleen M., and Kattge Jens , Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, Jan-03-2021, (2020)
Co‐producing knowledge: the Integrated Ecosystem Model for resource management in Arctic Alaska, Euskirchen, Eugénie S., Timm Kristin, Breen Amy L., Gray Stephen, T Rupp Scott, Martin Philip, Reynolds Joel H., Sesser Amanda, Murphy Karen, Littell Jeremy S., et al. , Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Mar-02-2022, (2020)
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Timing and duration of hydrological transitions in Arctic polygonal ground from stable isotopes, Conroy, Nathan Alec, Newman Brent David, Heikoop Jeffrey Martin, Perkins George Bradford, Feng Xiahong, Wilson Cathy Jean, and Wullschleger Stan Duane , Hydrological Processes, Jun-01-2022, Volume 34, Issue 3, p.749 - 764, (2020)
TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access, Kattge, Jens, Bönisch Gerhard, Diaz Sandra, Lavorel Sandra, Prentice Iain Colin, Leadley Paul, Tautenhahn Susanne, Werner Gijsbert D. A., Aakala Tuomas, and et al , Global Change Biology, 01/2020, Volume 26, p.119 - 188, (2020)
Understanding the relative importance of vertical and horizontal flow in ice-wedge polygons, Wales, Nathan A., Gomez-Velez Jesus D., Newman Brent D., Wilson Cathy J., Dafflon Baptiste, Kneafsey Timothy J., Soom Florian, and Wullschleger Stan D. , Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Jan-01-2020, Volume 24, Issue 3, p.1109 - 1129, (2020)
Alder distribution and expansion across a tundra hillslope: Implications for local N cycling, Salmon, Verity G., Breen Amy L., Kumar Jitendra, Lara Mark J., Thornton Peter E., Wullschleger Stan D., and Iversen Colleen M. , Frontiers in Plant Science, 10/2019, Volume 10, (2019)
Arctic soil governs whether climate change drives global losses or gains in soil carbon, Wieder, William R., Sulman Benjamin N., Hartman Melannie D., Koven Charles D., and Bradford Mark A. , Geophysical Research Letters, Apr-12-2021, Volume 46, Issue 24, p.14486 - 14495, (2019)
Competitor and substrate sizes and diffusion together define enzymatic depolymerization and microbial substrate uptake rates, Tang, Jinyun, and Riley William J. , Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 12/2019, Volume 139, (2019)
A distributed temperature profiling method for assessing spatial variability in ground temperatures in a discontinuous permafrost region of Alaska, Léger, Emmanuel, Dafflon Baptiste, Robert Yves, Ulrich Craig, Peterson John E., Biraud Sébastien C., Romanovsky Vladimir E., and Hubbard Susan S. , The Cryosphere, 11/2019, Volume 13, p.2853-2867, (2019)
Expansion of high-latitude deciduous forests driven by interactions between climate warming and fire, Mekonnen, Zelalem A., Riley William J., Randerson James T., Grant Robert F., and Rogers Brendan M. , Nature Plants, 08/2019, Volume 5, p.952–958, (2019)
From the Arctic to the tropics: Multibiome prediction of leaf mass per area using leaf reflectance, Serbin, Shawn P., Wu Jin, Ely Kim S., Kruger Eric L., Townsend Philip A., Meng Ran, Wolfe Brett T., Chlus Adam, Wang Zhihui, and Rogers Alistair , New Phytologist, 08/2019, Volume 224, p.1557-1568, (2019)
Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region, Natali, Susan M., Watts Jennifer D., Rogers Brendan M., Potter Stefano, Ludwig Sarah M., Selbmann Anne-Katrin, Sullivan Patrick F., and et al. , Nature Climate Change, 10/2019, Volume 9, p.852-857, (2019)