Data Policies

NGEE Arctic Data Publication and Sharing Policy

The NGEE Arctic project is committed to upholding a rigorous and high-quality data management strategy consistent with the data policies of the sponsoring program (DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management).


NGEE Arctic Data Management Plan

The sponsoring program requires the NGEE Arctic Project to develop and follow a Data Management Plan containing details about the project’s data quality assurance methods, archiving procedures, and sharing of data (including modeling code). The plan also includes how to appropriately credit the data authors and cite the data in publications.


NGEE Arctic Software Productivity and Sustainability Plan

This plan describes the NGEE Arctic’s process for developing and modifying software used in the project, consistent with the DOE Climate and Environmental Sciences Division (CESD) software policy and procedures. This document is not a description of any technical work related to these tasks, but rather a description of the processes the team will use to accomplish that work. It takes into consideration that the software components used in this project may originate outside the project and already have their own distribution protocols, development policies, and Software Productivity and Sustainability Plans.