NGEE Arctic's Engagement Across Alaska


NGEE Arctic team members presented an overview of NGEE Arctic’s scientific research and investment in Alaska at pre-conference events associated with the Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference.                                                                 


On 20 May 2024, the NGEE Arctic project was invited to participate in two events sponsored by the Department of Energy’s Arctic Energy Office (AEO), in Anchorage, Alaska. The first event, the ‘Arctic Energy Ambassadors In-Person Workshop’, introduced the twelve Arctic Energy Ambassadors, each representing one of the twelve Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act regions. The Ambassadors were selected by the AEO for a 2-year term with a goal of ‘developing regional, place-based, and collaborative energy leadership in Alaska, along with resources and knowledge-sharing in alignment with the US Department of Energy’s Arctic Strategy and the clean energy transition’. NGEE Arctic team members were able to learn from each of the Ambassadors about their regional energy needs, priorities, and progress. 

The second event, ‘Connecting the Arctic – Joining Forces to Secure Energy Solutions’, focused on how programs and research sponsored by the Department of Energy, including at their national laboratories, benefits Alaska. During a spotlight session highlighting national laboratory-driven scientific research and discovery activities in Alaska and the Arctic, the NGEE Arctic team gave an overview of their findings in Phases 1-3 and their plans for Phase 4. They highlighted their appreciation for their time in Alaska and the opportunity to conduct research on the traditional homelands of the Iñupiat, including on lands stewarded by the UIC Science, Sitnasuak, Mary’s Igloo, Council, and Bering Straits Native Corporations. Other sessions included a panel discussion between the Governor of Alaska and the Premier of Alberta, Canada; national laboratory technical assistance programs in Alaska; and nuclear energy technologies.   

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Colleen Iverson presenting an overview of NGEE Arctic’s engagement across Alaska.

Colleen Iverson presenting an overview of NGEE Arctic’s engagement across Alaska.

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