ORNL’s Misha Krassovski Supports International MOSAiC Expedition

Seasoned by the NGEE Arctic project, scientist gets tapped for a new opportunity.

Misha Krassovski, IT engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is experienced in supporting Arctic research through his work on the North Slope and Seward Peninsula of Alaska. Little did he know that his experience would qualify him as a member of a historic expedition. Misha is one of the 60 some scientific personnel who embarked on the first leg of the largest polar expedition of all time, called the Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate, or MOSAiC. During the yearlong expedition, the Polarstern will drift through the Arctic, frozen in ice, as around 300 researchers from collaborating institutions around the world rotate on board to study the Arctic climate system, the most rapidly warming climate on the planet. Misha, who has provided S&T expertise for remote power, communications, and data support for NGEE Arctic, was tasked to set up DOE’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) central computer aboard the Polarstern, a German research vessel, to make sure data streamed flawlessly from the more than 50 instruments ARM has provided for the mission. During the MOSAiC expedition, ARM’s instruments are expected to produce 250 terabytes (TB) of data. Those data will be shipped periodically to ARM’s Data Center, located at ORNL, where they’ll be accessible freely by anyone. Congratulations to Misha for having the depth and breadth of expertise to be of service to the ARM program.

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Misha Krassovski stands beside the RV Polarstern as it and its shipload of scientists and instruments embark on a year-long drift far north of the Arctic Circle

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