NGEE Arctic scientists attend NASA ABoVE annual meeting

Shawn Serbin represented NGEE Arctic at the NASA ABoVE meeting, showcasing our science and identifying opportunities for synergy with NASA ABoVE.

Shawn Serbin, Brookhaven National Laboratory, represented NGEE Arctic at the NASA ABoVE team meeting. His talk provided an overview of the project and then focused on the measurements the NGEE Arctic team is making as part of its efforts to understand and scale controls on CO2 and CH4 fluxes, surface energy balance, plant functional traits and shrub distribution. Shawn presented a wide range of NGEE Arctic data collected using a number approaches including kites, the NGEE Arctic tram, and unmanned aerial systems flown by BNL, LANL, and LBNL. His talk can be found at the link below. Our ground based and near surface measurements highlighted opportunities for synergy with the NASA ABoVE team, particularly their airborne campaign. A key result of the meeting was the broad interest in developing and strengthening connections between the NASA ABoVE and NGEE Arctic. This included, sharing data, a strong interest in the NGEE Arctic modeling component from NASA ABoVE, and possibly developing joint meetings or meeting sessions, including at the annual American Geophysical Union fall meeting.

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