Data Policy Reminder


A friendly reminder about the NGEE Arctic Project Data Archiving & Sharing Policy that aligns with the DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management and the expectations of the ESS-DIVE data center.


A role for NGEE Participants including Modelers identified in the Phase 3 Proposal is the responsibility and authority for data collection, documentation, upload, and release of data and/or code (P3P page 62). The Project recognizes that “[…] a strong commitment to data management, sharing, and archiving are key underpinnings of our model-inspired research in the Arctic.”

The DOE required Data Management Plan (DMP) for NGEE Arctic includes the data sharing and preservation plans developed for the project. The DMP states “early sharing of data within the project is urged because it encourages vital scientific collaboration within the project, identifies planned research, allows access to the data as soon as possible for researchers and modelers, and ensures long-term preservation. All data and associated metadata produced by NGEE Arctic should be made available as soon as feasible but no later than 12 months after acquisition.” NGEE Arctic data are released publicly under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (CC-BY) license.

Submitting and archiving the data doesn’t mean automatic release of the data to the Public. Data can be restricted for a reasonable period to Project Team members until released in a publication or thesis/dissertation. Any departing team members or students should submit all data to the archive prior to departure.  

Public datasets are in the process of being shared to the DOE long-term data archive, ESS-DIVE Six have been shared to date and the datasets exist at both archives All NGEE Arctic data should first be submitted to the NGEE Arctic Data Archive at this time. “At the end of the project, all internal data and associated metadata will be made public and will be transitioned to ESS-DIVE.” (DMP)

The NGEE Arctic Data Policies plus links to the DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management are on the NGEE Arctic website -

The NGEE Arctic policies are in alignment with the DOE Policy for Digital Research Data Management which states “Sharing and preserving data are central to protecting the integrity of science by facilitating validation of results and to advancing science by broadening the value of research data to disciplines other than the originating one and to society at large.”

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