ABoVE Science Team Meeting

Members of the NGEE Arctic team attended the annual NASA ABoVE Science Team meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska

The NASA ABoVE Science Team annual meeting was held in Fairbanks, Alaska on May 9-13, 2022 with both in-person and hybrid team members attending. NGEE Arctic science advisory board member, Chip Miller, extended a kind invitation to Peter Thornton from the NGEE Arctic team to give an overview of NGEE Arctic project strategy for data-model integration in an invited plenary talk. Colleen Iversen also presented a short project overview in a subsequent breakout session. NGEE Arctic team members were glad to hear more about the many ABoVE Science Team projects spanning topics of carbon dynamics, vegetation dynamics and structure, permafrost and hydrology, modeling, fire disturbance, and wildlife. We also valued the opportunity to re-engage with on-going collaborations and to develop new collaborations with the NASA ABoVE team. Also, ORNL, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and LANL NGEE Arctic team members also got together in person for the first time in a few years to discuss science and to re-connect after too much time away!

Contacts and email address: Colleen Iversen (iversencm@ornl.gov)

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ORNL, UAF, and LANL team members enjoyed seeing each other in person after 2 years of collaborating in virtual space.