Spatiotemporal Variability in Thaw and Active Layer Depths across an Ice Wedge Polygon

The thaw depth, water levels, ground surface and active layer depth were surveyed using a digital level and a metal probe across an ice wedge and into the nearby polygon centers at NGEE Arctic study areas B, C and D in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Read more...
Measured Seasonal Thaw Depth
Figure 1. Measured seasonal thaw depth across an ice wedge (trough) and into its neighboring polygon centers at the intensive study Site C. The bottom panel represents the thaw depths superimposed on the ground surface topography. June 27th was two weeks after the completion of the 2014 snowmelt. The y- and x-axes are labeled in meters.



Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil Samples from the BEO

Hydraulic conductivity was measured for 12 subsamples from cores selected during the core jamboree in February 2014. In laboratory research conducted by Tim Kneafsey (LBNL), the subsamples were taken from 6 frozen cores retrieved at the NGEE Arctic site from low and high centered polygons.   Read more...

Preliminary hydraulic conductivity data

Figure 2.Preliminary hydraulic conductivity data and sample location using X-ray CT cross-sections.

NGEE Arctic Data Policies and Data Management Guidance

In addition, the data team has prepared a series of guides/help files for use by investigators for reporting, processing, and archiving data for both project and public sharing. We answer the burning questions -- What is a data set? How do I organize my data files for sharing? And more, at


Safety Training Requirements -- New April 24, 2014

NGEE-Arctic participants and collaborators must complete the required viewing of safety videos and reading of safety manuals to be approved for field and laboratory work at NGEE-Arctic facilities in Barrow, Alaska.  The annual review of the manuals has been completed and resulted in only minor changes to the manuals:

  • The ATV job aid was deleted from the Field Safety Manual and fueling and hazardous material trasport was added.
  • Both manuals were updated with additional contact information.


Participants and collaborators are strongly encouraged to complete all training requirements prior to travel because computers and internet connectivity are limited in Barrow.

Training materials are only available on the NGEE-Arctic project website (

Access to training materials requires NGEE-Arctic website login. After login, the Safety tab will appear.

  • ORNL participants may access Training Materials with their ORNL UCAMS login UID and PWD.
  • Other participants and collaborators may access Training Materials with their website UID and PWD.
    • If you are not a registered website user, please request an account (Login tab). You will receive e-mail notification with your account information.
    • Note that it may take 24 to 48 hours for your account to be established.

Upon successful completion of the training requirements you will receive e-mail notification from NGEE-Arctic Management that you are approved for field and laboratory work at the NGEE-Arctic facilities in Barrow.