Progress and Accomplishments

NGEE Arctic scientists attend NASA ABoVE annual meeting

Shawn Serbin represented NGEE Arctic at the NASA ABoVE meeting, showcasing our science and identifying opportunities for synergy with NASA ABoVE.

Symbiotic N-fixation by alder impacts nitrogen availability on a landscape scale

Nitrogen fixed within root nodules of alder growing in dense shrublands is associated with higher levels of local N availability. The inclusion of a plant functional type based on this N-fixing shrub may improve earth system models’ ability to capture nit

Coupling PFLOTRAN into E3SM through collaboration between the CMDV and NGEE Arctic projects

The NGEE Arctic PFLOTRAN biogeochemistry (BGC) is coupled to the E3SM Land Model (ELM) through a generic interface and the ELM-PFLOTRAN is being evaluated at both point and global scales.